Protecting Your Hardwood Floors During Furniture Moves.

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Welcome to TriArt Hardwoods, your trusted partner in preserving the beauty of hardwood floors in your Atlanta home. This guide provides assistance in protecting hardwood floors during furniture relocation. It also offers tips on how to fix any damages to maintain their appearance and value.

When moving furniture or changing homes, it’s important to protect your hardwood floors from scratches, dents, and other damage. Take precautions to prevent any harm. By following these tips, you can ensure that your Atlanta hardwood flooring remain in top condition for years to come

  • Prepare the Furniture:

Before embarking on any furniture move, it’s crucial to inspect each piece. Check for sharp edges, metal parts, or protruding hardware that could potentially damage your precious hardwood floors. At TriArt, we suggest using soft materials like blankets or towels to protect and cushion these areas.

  • Clean the Floors

To create the perfect canvas for your furniture move, initiate the process with a thorough cleaning. Sweep or vacuum your hardwood floors to remove any dirt, dust, or debris that could scratch the surface.. Even the smallest particles can act as abrasive agents, posing a risk of scratches during the moving process.

  • Lift, Don’t Drag

One of the fundamental tips for protecting hardwood floors is to lift furniture rather than drag it. The help of friends or employ furniture sliders to facilitate a smoother process. Dragging furniture, particularly heavy items, can lead to deep scratches and scuffs, compromising the integrity of your hardwood floors.

  • Use Furniture Sliders

Investing in quality furniture sliders designed for hardwood floors is a wise decision. These handy tools reduce friction, making it easier to move furniture without causing damage. Place them strategically under the legs or corners of your furniture to ensure a smooth and scratch-free glide.

  • Rugs and Mats

Add a protection layer by laying down rugs or mats along the furniture-moving path. This additional layer acts as a safeguard, trapping debris and preventing scratches. Ensure these rugs or mats are securely in place to avoid any slipping hazards.

  • Install Furniture Pads

We suggest adding felt or rubber pads to chair and table legs and other heavy furniture to protect floors. These pads act as a dual-purpose solution by protecting both your furniture and hardwood flooring. The cushioning effect helps prevent scratches while preserving the aesthetic appeal of your floors.

  • Plan Your Route:

Before starting any furniture move, take the time to plan your route. Identify potential obstacles, tight corners, or uneven surfaces that could pose a threat to your hardwood. Clear the path to ensure a smooth and scratch-free journey for your furniture.

Take Your Time:

In the world of furniture moves, patience is a virtue. Rushing the process significantly increases the likelihood of accidents and scratches. Embrace a slow and steady pace to maintain control and protect your hardwood flooring.

  • Professional Repairs:

Despite the most meticulous precautions, scratches or scuffs may occur. In such instances, TriArt Hardwoods offers professional repair services. Our craftsmen restore your hardwood to their original beauty, ensuring they remain timeless and beautiful.

  • Conclusion

Our guide, it’s not just about providing exceptional hardwood floors; it’s about fostering a relationship with our customers that goes beyond the transaction. TriArt Hardwoods is committed to ensuring that the beauty of your hardwood endures for generations. As you embark on the journey of moving furniture in your Atlanta home, remember these tips as your guide to preserving the integrity of your hardwood flooring.

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