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Premier Hardwood Stair Installation and Remodeling in Atlanta

Hardwood Stair Remodeling Services in Atlanta

Staircases serve as both a focal point and a functional element of your home, enduring daily use. At TriArt, we understand the importance of skilled craftsmanship when it comes to your stairs. Whether you seek to refinish worn stair treads or embark on a complete installation to replace carpeted stairs with solid wood, we have the expertise and dedication to get your new hardwood stairs done right.

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Hardwood Stair Treads

We specialize in crafting and installing beautiful hardwood stair treads, adding elegance to your home’s interior.

Cable Railing


Safety meets style with our expertly crafted hardwood handrails, ensuring your stairs are both secure and aesthetically pleasing

Floating Stairs

We also source all types of floating stair Treads for any bespoke staircase design.


We can create landings that seamlessly integrate with your staircase, providing a smooth transition and enhancing the overall flow of your home.

Iron Spindles

For a modern touch, consider our iron spindles that combine durability and sophistication in one stunning package
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