Hardwood Floor Installations

It’s hard to resist the charm and beauty of hardwood floors and with said, you might find yourself looking for a Flooring Company in Atlanta, so look no Further. TriArt Hardwoods is your one stop shop for all you flooring needs.

– Solid Hardwoods Floors
– Engineered Hardwood Floors
– Parquet Flooring
– Water Damaged Hardwood Floors
– Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) Flooring

Engineered vs Solid Hardwood Floor Installations

Ok, now that you decided to go with hardwood floors, which options is the best ? Well, here’s our thoughts:

Solid hardwood floors are made from a single piece of wood which offers  timeless beauty and durability but are sensitive to moisture while engineered hardwood consists of layers of wood with a hardwood veneer and is more stable in varying conditions. In other words, solid hardwood for traditional aesthetics and durability, while engineered hardwood is ideal for areas with potential moisture exposure or fluctuating humidity levels. Here’s a Link from the NWFA according to experts opinions when making this decision.

Finally, the choice between solid and engineered hardwood depends on your needs, budget, and the conditions in the area where you plan to install the flooring. Each type has its advantages, and selecting the right one will ensure that you enjoy beautiful and durability of  hardwood floors in your Atlanta home.

Water Damaged Hardwood Floor Installations | Insurance Claims

Water-damaged hardwood floors is a homeowner’s nightmare, often resulting from prolonged exposure to moisture or water intrusion. The consequences may include unsightly warping, buckling, staining, and even structural issues. Such damage can arise from various sources, including leaks, spills, or high humidity levels.

Addressing water-damaged hardwood floors requires a meticulous approach. TriArt Hardwoods specializes in handling such challenges in Atlanta. Our team can provide an assessment to gauge the extent of the damage and then tailor a restoration process to your specific needs. This typically involves careful drying, refinishing, and precise repairs to bring your hardwood floors back to their original condition.

LVP Flooring Installations (Luxury Vinyl Planks)

Luxury Vinyl Plank aka LVP is known for its water resistance, and low maintenance, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces. It consists of multi-layered construction, including a wear layer, printed design layer, core layer, and backing, providing a comfortable and visually appealing flooring solution that can withstand daily wear and tear while offering a wide range of style options to suit your needs.