Hardwoods are an Investment

Your home is often your largest single asset and solid wood floors are the only flooring that can last a lifetime and increase the value of your home. No matter how long you’ve lived there, the money you spend to improve it is an investment. So is the installation of hardwood floors. Their beauty, elegance and durability has created a strong market for the installation of hardwood flooring in Atlanta, for residential and commercial properties.

Installation and Installers

Wood is a natural material that responds differently under different conditions. It is important to choose a professional installer who understands the scientific properties affecting the wood. Trained craftsmen will take into account such things as the right environment conditions for an installation and the level of moisture in the sub-flooring. At TriArt Hardwoods we know the proper procedures and timing recommended for the installation of each type of wood product. And, we will not install a floor if the conditions are not optimal.

Quality Materials

High quality materials matter, whether its solid wood flooring, engineered wood, glue-down, or nailed. At TriArt Hardwoods we understand that its not worth the few dollars saved on a job to risk the floor failures that can and do occur with wood from anywhere but the best mills and manufacturers.

We also take the the training offered by the manufacturers of the products that we use. Knowing and following recommended installation and use instructions insures that if there are ever problems with materials failing in any way, we have the full backing of the manufacturer.

The Best Tools and Equipment

At TriArt we provide our team with the best tools for the job to get the best out of the work they do. For example, we use a state of the art dustless sanding process so that all of our sanding equipment is connected to top of a dust containment system equipped with Hepa filters that capture 99% of the dust particles. This makes sure your house stays clean and dust free as possible.