Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floors Refinishing can give your
floors a facelift

Hardwood floors are the heart of any home, but their beauty can fade over time due to constant use. As life happens in your home, your floors bear the marks of countless memories. That’s where we come in— our hardwood floor refinishing and bring them to their former glory.
Most older homes is Atlanta, have beautiful oak hardwood floors and sometimes going through our dustless hardwood floors refinishing process is all what’s needed to completely change your interior design.

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Assistance on your decision making

When we meet you in your home we’ll take into account the age, style and design of your home and discuss your vision for the look and feel of the final room. We can then make suggestions about stains or types of finishes finishes that reflect your personal style, enhance the design of your home and function to suit your way of life in metro Atlanta. A big part of our refinishing process is the use of the very best stains and finishes. High quality products will directly reflect on the longevity of your freshly refinished floors. Here’s our available stain colors:

Our Dustless Hardwood Floors Refinishing.

One of the biggest customer concerns is dust. Dust does not have to be part of your hardwood refinishing project with the right equipment. Our vacuum systems captures most of dust particles, eliminating most of the inconvenience associated with hardwood refinishing. Its Combination of a two step cyclonic intake system with 2 hospital-grade HEPA filters delivers a virtually dust free environment in every project. Throughout the process all sanding equipment is connected to top of the line dust containment systems to make sure your house stays clean and dust free as possible.

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