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Technology in the hardwood flooring industry has come a long way since the old days of oil-based polyurethane. There’s a specific buzz about natural penetrating oils, which is primarily a type of finish composed of vegetable oils. This unique two component finish produces a uniform matte sheen that absorbs into the wood floor and as it cures, hardens it and becomes part of the hardwood itself and simply enhances its natural beauty.

The very silky, warm & smooth surface created by natural oils is often suggested by designers and custom home builders due to its advantages over conventional oil-based polyurethane finishes which create a strong surface on top of the wood floor and are required to be completely sanded down in order to repair. Penetrating oils, however, can easily be repaired by reapplying the oils into the floor and with little to no effort scratches, dents and scuffs can be quickly fixed.

When it comes to maintenance it is important to remember that hardwood floors are meant to be walked on and in order to avoid premature wear, we recommend that homeowners adhere to manufactures’ guidelines to extend the life and beauty of their newly sanded floor. All of TriArt Hardwoods’ customers are advised on how to perform regular maintenance of their floors upon completion of their project. Over time, a natural penetrating oil finish will produce a patina that ages with the wood, so it never acquires the dull, dated look. This makes it a perfect product to use for high traffic residential and even commercial applications.

Our team believes that every household is different, and each needs a floor that will suit their lifestyle. TriArt Hardwoods is dedicated to finding the perfect finish for your project. If we see that natural penetrating oils are well-suited for your installation, we will not hesitate to recommend this finish and guide you in how to have a truly beautiful, maintainable and resilient floor.

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